Music Fest Season Crushes My Soul 2012

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what happened to the 2012 Lineups.

Black Sabbath at Lolla?

Anyone playing at HangOut Fest?

If ACL turns out to suck. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start my own fest…it might just be my iPod on shuffle, but srsly people, this is ridiculous.

I wish I didn’t hate death by sun exposure or I would have been at Bonnaroo like yesterday.

littlebluhouse said: You should check out Pre-Columbians by Edelweiss, I think you'd like them quite a bit!

Excellent! Thanks for the rec…I’m on it…

If it sucks though, things are gonna get really weird between us.

Featuring awesome music from the likes of Beacon, Chad Valley, Blue Foundation, Zulu Winter, Grimes, WIM remixes….

…with general face melting sensibilities…I’ll be in FL reliving Spring Break (and redefining it for everyone over the age of 28)!

If you have a hangover, this music won’t hurt. If you don’t, wtf are you doing on Thursday nights??

ENJOY! It’s the Weekend Brah!

So I heard about The Machine Room via We Were Promised Jetpacks via Facebook.

Here’s a tip for you, after you hear a band you like, go “like” their page and sit back and reap the rewards. I find that when you are recommended music by your favorite indie bands on their Book page, you rarely lose.

The Machine Room is from Edinburgh, founded by John Bryden and some hip musicians from The Vivians and My Tiny Robots and have this ridiculously long and extended bio on their Book page…I’m not gonna tell you what you will find out later once you “Like” them.

It’s good effing music, people… from good effing music people. Recommended by me.

Forget about last year’s love…

I have 69 followers on Valentine’s Day. Jus’ Sayin.

Penetralia - Ouisa Hound off the album “The Joy Eclectic”

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s some obscure musician that I totes dig.

I find it carnal enough and gritty enough to give you on VDay because well, a majority of you are going to be getting carnal and gritty tonight while I’m eating tacos at the local Margarita stand. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be getting carnal, but I don’t need romantic, sexy time music while making out to Nachos.

Ouisa Hound (aka Joseph Randolph) is from Ohio which is not surprising considering everything I like comes from Ohio except for like Ohio State and Jim Tressel and sweater vests. Google that if you can’t get a reference.

Happy Valentine’s to the lovers and Taco-tines to the eaters!

The Black Atlantic is a bit of a mystery because they’ve been around since 2009 with an solid album titled, “Reverence for Fallen Trees” and I have not heard of them until this moment.

What I can say about these Dutch-people (there’s a girl in there) is…their music is to a Fall vacation to VT what lo-fi surf pop is to a California beach. They are a awash with harmonious folk sensibilities and they tend to take seats next to their much more prominent counterparts like (a kinder gentler) Devotchka and Midlake.

They’re new EP, Darkling, I Listen, will hit the virtual stores a day before the most important day of your lives, my 30th birthday.

This is such perfect timing! Buy me one, and then I’ll let you listen to it! check em out herrrre:

An oldie but a goodie…Happy Holidays from me and The Ramones.

See you soon. Hope you got what you wanted.

Miike Snow cleaned up their facial hair and tightened up their act in this new release off their upcoming album “Happy To You” out March, 2012.

I can’t tell if I feel more like an Animal or a Devil when I hear this.