Featuring awesome music from the likes of Beacon, Chad Valley, Blue Foundation, Zulu Winter, Grimes, WIM remixes….

…with general face melting sensibilities…I’ll be in FL reliving Spring Break (and redefining it for everyone over the age of 28)!

In staying with this whole “Hooray for Ernest Greene in Atlanta” theme and this whole “I’d lay my head down on tracks of an on-coming train to see Yannis live again” theme, and I’m keeping my pimp hand strong with my appreciation of the what some might say is tired genre of Chillwave. But naysayers, naysay no more!

Chad Valley has reignited (if not completely sprayed gasoline over) my burning love of synthy lo-wave transparent vocals, waves of reverb, and something to “unce” too (and I swore I’d never “unce” again due to a broken heart, but if Chad Valley can get me out of it, it’s worth a listen right?)

Chad Valley is Hugo Manuel from Oxford. A doe eyed frowny looking soul who puts out some of the warmest sounds I’ve heard in while. Upon hearing Esoniq Funk and Shell Suite, I time machined back to New Order circa ‘85 and then time machined forward to a few months ago when I saw Mark Farina (and there was lots of unce-ing and sweating and ahhh…cold shower anyone?)

What’s even more exciting is that experimental record label Cascine put his EP together. Cascine, if we all remember, is helping my favorite Halifaxians (?) Southern Shores cut their new tracks.

I’d say the biggest lesson we can all learn here is that Chillwave isn’t dead, it just needs a fresh perspective a la Hugo and Cascine is a label to latch onto. Watch their site, they’ve got all sorts of talent rising and they never fail to let you know right away with lots of tracks to listen to.

Now that my Washed Out wish has been granted it’s time to start on Chad Valley..it’s like my work is never done.